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Frequently Asked Questions

People experience different reactions such as improved sleep, brighter outlook, positive emotional change, release of negative emotions or improvements to physical conditions. We are energetic beings and the Quantum Biofeedback raises your vibrations so that your body can return to its energetic homeostasis.

It could be an immediate response or even up to 3 or 4 days later, depending on how receptive to the frequencies you are.

This truly is personal preference, depending on your time and situation. There’s no right or wrong answer but as you play the frequencies, you’re stimulating your mind and body with different energetic signatures, encouraging innate healing. Through the Quanta Capsule app, you are able to set the timer to zero and play the frequencies continuously until you decide to stop, or you could decide to run them for a few minutes.

Quantum Biofeedback uses ancient harmonic sound frequencies.

As a Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner, I would only select positive frequencies for positive outcomes.

This will depend on how much you wish to invest in your Quantum Biofeedback journey, be it a brief view of what is out of balance or a more in-depth journey, looking at mind, body and spirit. This may result in a permanent change or a very subtle but necessary change.

No!  We use Quantum Biofeedback to assess you on an energetic basis, to bring any issues out of balance back into alignment.

In the UK Gift Shop, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase gifts imprinted with selected frequencies.  As a guide, water and crystals will hold these imprinted frequencies for around 90 days.  Currently, Amazing Frequencies is only able to post to UK destinations.

Nb.  Please be aware that Amazing Frequencies Drops contains traces of alcohol (alcohol purchasing age restrictions apply).

The frequencies sent to your Quanta Capsule app relate to your energy field and your energetic signature and are specifically for you. If your friend is in your environment whilst playing these frequencies, then they will only absorb what their energy field allows.

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