Frequency Balancing

Would you like to use your own energy field to bring about change?

Have you heard about the power of frequencies?

What if you could have your own panel of frequencies to make that energetic shift?

Frequency Energy Balancing

At home, at work, wherever you are, at any time of the day to suit you.



How will I receive the frequencies?

How will I receive the frequencies?

Select your frequencies option from the list below and add to basket

Receive an email invitation to download the Quanta Capsule app on to either your phone or ipad

Use the Quanta Capsule to upload your voice and photo saying your name and send to

You'll receive an email with a code, to download your frequency playlist which you can play for 7 days

After 7 days, your energetic field has changed and needs to be re-scanned, send another voice file and photo and a new playlist will be sent within 24 hours

What do frequencies do?

They ‘tap’ your energy field and the more you play the frequencies, the more they tap your energy field to create change.

How many times do I need to play the frequencies?

As often as you want to. You may decide to play your Frequencies daily, either for a set time (5, 10, 15 minutes) or set the frequencies to play continuously.

Why do I need four consecutive weeks of frequencies?

Your energy field will want to go back to where it was! You’re tapping your energy and moving it to a new place and this takes time. Four consecutive weeks gives you time to make this energetic shift.

Am I sent the same frequencies each week?

You’ll play the Frequencies through the Quanta Capsule app on your phone or ipad. Playlists will expire after 7 days and each week, a new scan will be carried out and you’ll receive a new playlist to reflect the needs of your energy field at that moment in time.

Disclaimer: Please remember that biofeedback frequencies are not a diagnostic tool. They are for information and guidance as to what is going on in your energetic field and must never replace medical advice.

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